Play Tips|When does the walkie-talkie need to regulate frequency? Oct 07, 2022

Radio amateur who have used walkie-talkies know that programming is a necessary skill for the correct use of walkie-talkies. For users who have just started walkie-talkies, they do not know much about this field, and they will mistakenly think that all newly bought walkie-talkies must regulate frequency. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

We all know that most walkie-talkies have pre-written frequency settings at the factory, but two walkie-talkies of different brands may not be able to connect due to different preset frequencies. At this point, we need to regulate the frequency to the walkie-talkie.

If you use the preset frequency in the walkie-talkie, and other people around you also use the same brand of radio, and also adjust to this frequency, then your call may be eavesdropped. And use the frequency you set yourself, because the number range is large, the probability of encountering the same frequency will be much smaller.

Regulate frequency has different ways for different models of two way radio. Here we will mainly discuss the following two ways.

walkie talkie with numeric keyboard can be paired with other radio of the same frequency range by manually entering the frequency through the keyboard. Although different radio operating system differences, but the use of the digital keyboard will not have much difference, simple operation can be paired successfully.

2. Without keyboard

The walkie-talkie without a keyboard can be adjusted by the knob on the top, but if the frequency corresponding to each rotary scale of the radio of different brands is different, the pairing cannot be successful. In this case, we need to modify the built-in frequency through the programming software and manually write the same frequency.

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