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  • Sultan Alneyadi engages in live interaction with students during ham radio sessions from the ISS
    Sultan Alneyadi engages in live interaction with students during ham radio sessions from the ISS June 03, 2023
    The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre today announced that two ham radio sessions with astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi from the International Space Station (ISS), under the ‘A Call from Space’ event were successfully completed over the course of two days, in collaboration with the Emirates Amateur Radio Society (EARS) and Emirates Literature Foundation (ELF). Ham radio, or amateur radio, uses a broad spectrum of frequencies to communicate between individuals, groups, and even remote regions and space, making it a valuable communication tool. Adnan AlRais, Mission Manager, UAE Astronaut Programme, said, "Through these ham radio sessions with Sultan, we strive to ignite a passion for space and science in the next generation. At MBRSC, we firmly believe that such initiatives stimulate curiosity and foster a deep understanding of the vast potential that space exploration holds. Our ultimate goal is to inspire young minds to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields, contributing to the UAE's vision of becoming a leading nation in the fields of science and space.” As part of the sessions, the students were first introduced to MBRSC and their latest projects, followed by a tour of the facility, which gave them a glimpse into the labs, workstations, and state-of-the-art technologies employed at the Centre. Furthermore, a presentation about space stations provided the attendees with a broad view of human endeavours in space. The students also received comprehensive training on ham radio, such as digital walkie-talkie, long-range two way radio, unravelling the complexities of the critical communication tool used since the 20th century. The highlight of the programme was the live interaction with astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi. The unique opportunity allowed enthusiastic participants from schools across the UAE the chance to ask AlNeyadi questions about living in microgravity, communicating with family and friends, scientific experiments being conducted on the ISS currently, how they keep track of time in space, life on the ISS, challenges of living in space and staying fit, among other space related activities. In the interactive session lasting 10 minutes on both days, AlNeyadi left the young audience spellbound by providing valuable insights into life in space and the science associated with the mission. His engaging explanations sparked the curiosity of the attendees, encouraging the students to delve deeper into the space and STEM subjects in particular.
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  • Etowah County mountains blocking some first responders' radio and phone signals
    Etowah County mountains blocking some first responders' radio and phone signals May 24, 2023
    When emergencies call, Black Creek Volunteer Fire Department Captain Timothy Burgess and his crew can't always count on their radios, walkie-talkies and cellphones to communicate. Burgess said they get poor service because of the mountainous terrain in Etowah County and surrounding areas. Burgess said crews stay prepared but never know when the signal may drop. In some cases, and if available, first responders have to use landline phones belonging to the people who called 911, just to relay updates and messages to other first responders. "We need a tower and it's just not for Etowah. If we had a tower here that would facilitate cellular and the two-way radios for us with a repeater, from there, we would be able to facilitate multiply firehalls," he said. He believes another tower could be beneficial for not only Etowah County, but surrounding counties. He said the problem is signals need to go beyond the mountain tops to reach first responders on the ground. Long range radio is also very much needed. Brodeur said towers are not cheap. He said the last time he built one was in the 1990's at a cost of almost half a million dollars. While finding money for towers has always been an obstacle for the county, it's not the only challenge. Brodeur said he has been given the green light to work on securing funds like a federal grant and state monies for the new tower. He hopes if all goes well, a tower should be built in the next nine months. There is another hope for the county. Brodeur said St. Clair County is expected to have a new tower up next year. He said that tower will also help strengthen service in Etowah County.
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  • Knights statewide share mission via ham radios
    Knights statewide share mission via ham radios May 17, 2023
    Beginning May 5 and running through May 20, the Knights have been operating over several amateur radio stations statewide under a special amateur radio call sign, K0C with the dual intent of sharing their philanthropic deeds and encouraging Catholic men to join the fraternal organization. The project, known in amateur radio lingo as a “Special Event Station,” has been attempting to operate out of all five dioceses in the state until the last day of the 127th New Jersey State Convention in Wildwood. “My hobby is using long-range radio, and I love the Knights,” said Knights District Deputy Thomas M. Perrotti, who designed and spearheaded the project. “This is a nice way to bring these two passions together.” Perrotti was licensed as an amateur radio operator in 1979, and currently holds an Amateur Extra license under the call sign of N2JIE. The member of Holy Cross Parish, Bridgeton, has been a Knight since 2011. After approval from the Knights, Perrotti met with nearly a dozen Knight operators over Zoom, as well as alerting a number of publications to which amateur radio hams subscribe that a Special Event Station exists. Hams don’t blindly broadcast, but rather have one-on-one conversations with other operators; in honor of the 127th N.J. State Convention, Perrotti and his fellow hams are operating in frequencies ending in 127. “It’s not just an old man hobby,” he said, chuckling. “Amateur radio is used in the early hours of a disaster when cell towers and telephone lines may be down. All hams need is a radio or portable walkie talkie, a battery and an antenna to transmit.” The Vatican has its own amateur radio station (call sign HV5PUL); the patron saint of ham radio operators is Saint Maximilian Kolbe. Famous hams include King Juan Carlos of Spain, Sen. Barry Goldwater, Marlon Brando, Joe Walsh, Donny Osmond, Priscilla Presley and Walter Cronkite.
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  • ARRL Ready to Welcome Attendees at Dayton Hamvention 2023
    ARRL Ready to Welcome Attendees at Dayton Hamvention 2023 May 11, 2023
    Dayton Hamvention 2023, ham radio's largest annual gathering, is just  a week away. Gates open for the 3-day event on Friday, May 19, at 9 a.m., at the Greene County Fair and Expo Center in Xenia, Ohio. Spokesperson Michael Kalter, W8CI, reports that 700 volunteers are working to get the event ready. "We like to think of Hamvention as ham radio's people event, and we have a lot to offer," said Kalter. This year's Hamvention theme is Innovation, and will be reflected in the variety of exhibits, activities, and forums that have been organized this year. "Much of our effort this year will build on ARRL's yearlong theme, Year of the Volunteers," said ARRL Public Relations and Outreach Manager Sierra Harrop. ARRL program representatives and volunteers will be on hand to help interested attendees find paths to become more active and involved in amateur radio.There will be booths organized around radiosport, emergency communications, technology, and youth. "We'll also ask everyone to 'reach one rung higher' by  encouraging all active hams to pursue opportunities to mentor others, and to consider volunteering in the ARRL Field Organization and elected positions." "Our Talk-in Net will be in operation beginning Thursday, May 18, at 7 AM on the Dayton Amateur Radio Association's repeater, with an alternate frequency of 146.985. The net offers directions and assistance as well as traffic conditions and detours," said Kalter. Additional frequencies and information are available at Talk In - Hamvention.
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  • New radios add to school safety measures
    New radios add to school safety measures May 06, 2023
    In the ongoing effort to improve school safety, staff in all Yuma School District-1 buildings have been equipped with two-way radios to allow for immediate communication between buildings in case of an emergency. The system also bridges to the local dispatch center, with some of DMR radios equipped to receive messages directly from 911 dispatchers. Plus, all the district buses have a radio to allow for communication to the rest of the district, even from hundreds of miles away. Yuma-1 Superintendent Dianna Chrisman said all of the district buildings have at least two radios, and some have three. There are two in the district office. The radios were purchased through a School Access for Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant spearheaded by Northeast BOCES. Motorola Solutions, a partner in the grant, has developed a two-way radio emergency communications solution with unique school-based interoperability equipment to allow schools, the district, and local emergency responder agencies to use commercial walkie talkies to communicate, when needed, to manage a school-based emergency or crisis event. Chrisman said the radio system came on handy last week when high winds kicked up as students were being transported home. Some of the mini-buses pulled over and waited for one of the bigger buses to show up to finish the route. (Turns out the big buses do better in high winds than the mini-buses.)
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  • RRL Bringing HF emergency communications to the Caribbean
    RRL Bringing HF emergency communications to the Caribbean April 26, 2023
    In St Vincent and the Grenadines, and the surrounding islands, emergency communications equipment is transforming disaster response. Located in the Caribbean’s hurricane belt and in proximity to an active volcano, La Soufrière, the islands are prone to natural disasters. With donated equipment from radio experts Barrett Communications, the Rainbow Radio League (RRL) is establishing communications networks and providing training that is geared to saving lives. RRL is a not-for-profit organisation of primarily radio amateurs. Since 1995, RRL has focused on providing emergency communications in St Vincent and the Grenadines and the surrounding nations. Handheld radios donated by international organisations played a role in the relief effort. This gave RRL director Donald De Riggs an idea: what if the Caribbean islands had access to emergency communications infrastructure before disaster struck?  “We are in the process of developing a domestic HF network. If we could get some radios to assist us, we’d be in a much better position to respond to emergencies. And the radio amateurs of the future are being fostered through RRL’s engagement with schools. RRL provides demonstrations and involves students in erecting rapid deployment antenna and using digital Two-Way Radio to contact each other. This engagement provides children opportunities to pursue careers including air traffic control and the police. RRL eventually aims to involve all the secondary schools on the island. HF(High frequency) and VHF(very high frequency) radio offers invaluable functionality, explains De Riggs: “With handsets, like a walkie-talkie, operation is limited because if you don’t have many repeaters, you are limited to a particular geographic area. In the Caribbean, where VHF signals can be blocked by mountainous terrain and many of the islands are remote, HF radio offers unprecedented connectivity. And RRL continues to work on expanding its response capabilities, with ambitions to establish proper maritime rescue capabilities and air response for regional disasters. “As an organisation, we haven’t realised our full potential yet,” says De Riggs. “But with adequate funding and agencies that understand and support our role in disaster management, that potential will be realised.”
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  • Juston Radio show at GLOBAL SOURCES Electronics
    Juston Radio show at GLOBAL SOURCES Electronics April 20, 2023
    Global Sources Electronics Exhibition is a global consumer electronics procurement show, bringing together high-quality OEM/ODM manufacturing suppliers from China and Asia. Juston brought the latest radio products to the Global Sources Exhibition. The exhibits include the flagship analog radio, digital Two-Way Radio, POC radio, Bluetooth headset, charger and various walkie-talkie accessories.
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  • Thousands Of HAM In Wyoming Still Use The Airwaves
    Thousands Of HAM In Wyoming Still Use The Airwaves April 13, 2023
    Tom "Tex" Ritter has a couple large antennas rising up over his house north of Cheyenne, and they pick up signals from all over the world. He's talked to people in 169 countries, as well as someone in Antarctica. Over the airways, he's also known by his callsign WY7KY. Ritter's "shack," which is what HAM radio operators call their studios, is down in his basement. There are two large monitors looming over stacks of DPMR radios, handheld radios, CB radios, and microphones. Ritter tuned into a frequency on his digital mobile radio system, which uses the internet to help radio signals travel further, and reached for his microphone. "Anyone monitoring on Wyoming Wide? We're doing a demo here in Cheyenne. This is WY7KY on Wyoming Wide," Ritter said. Moments later a voice comes through the radio, "WY7KY, this is Justin up here in Ten Sleep on the Meadowlark System going to the Wyoming Wide." Operators use repeaters, and one repeater system Ritter uses is called SkyHub. There's a repeater up on Sherman Hill, about 40 miles northwest of Cheyenne. It's "backboned" into the internet, which carries the signals it receives out to other repeaters. There are dozens of these repeaters in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Kansas, Washington, Minnesota, New Mexico and even Canada. Ritter's hobby goes beyond casual conversations with other hobbyists. He's also a volunteer for the Emergency Management Administration. During a hurricane that hit Puerto Rico, the American Radio Relay League, which is the U.S. flagship amateur radio association based in Connecticut, put a call out for 50 radio operator volunteers to go down to the country and help coordinate relief efforts.
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  • A2000 10W handheld dualband Two-Way Radio
    A2000 10W handheld dualband Two-Way Radio April 08, 2023
    HYDX A2000 is quipped with 10W High Power,High Capacity Batteryand Extra Long Standby,you can use it tolongrange communication. This radio High quality, aesthetic design,500 Capacity Channels,65-520MHz Multi-band transmission and reception. A2000 handheld dual band radio is available for outdoor/ Travel/ Camping/ Fishing/ Business etc.
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  • D2000Plus Handheld Digital Two-Way Radio
    D2000Plus Handheld Digital Two-Way Radio March 31, 2023
    D2000Plus Handheld Digital Two-Way Radio with Dual Mode,Analog/Digital;Dual Band,Dual Standby;This radio has Business Design;Fine touch, Anti-drop and Anti-rolling. Efficient chip supports 1024 channels,Repeater Mode for Hytera/Motorola/Kirisun etc.Long distance communication, Good Sound Quality, SQL Mode and more rich functions make D2000Plus is available for Outdoor/Travel/Camping/Fishing/Business etc.
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