IP68 5W Dual Band Radio Noise Reduction Long Range Walkie Talkie

IP68, Dual Band 400-470MHz&136-174MHz,2000mAh/3000mAh, digital anti cracking, frequency clone, air band received.
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IP68 5W Dual Band Radio Noise Reduction Long Range Walkie Talkie

Product Description:

·AM aviation receiving; receive aircraft and tower calls; meet the individual needs of ham radio lovers.
·Two way radio receives AM / dual band frequencies; communication is more convenient and easier.
·IP68 waterproof rating; HYDX-A910 two-way radios are built to withstand even heavy rain or all kinds of bad weather; ensuring durability and longevity.
·Rechargeable two way radio; contains a rechargeable 2000mAh/3000mAh(optional) Li-ion battery; which can be used for a longer standby and usage time.
·Clear call quality; squelch function offers a clear sound quality; ensure smooth communication in a noisy environment.
·VFO for A910 handheld radio; manually edit the needed frequency or CTCSS/DCS through keyboard; as well as save them as regular channels.
·Quick Teaming; A910 ham radio supports pairing frequency of multiple same model walkie talkies, to bring convenience to group travel for multiple people.
·Digital Anti Cracking;Can achieve anti cracking function to avoid receiving illegal signals.
·USB C charging (optional); supports charging base and charging interface; makes it convenient to charge walkie talkie.
·Intelligent noise reduction (optional) for clear sound; the advanced two-way noise cancelling technology eliminates background noise for crystal audio quality even in the environment of noisy wind and roaring engine outdoors.
·Recording function allows you to record important matters at any time.

Main Functions


2.Stored 250*2 Channels Capacity


4.Air Band Received

5.Detection Frequency

6.Clone Mode

7.Digital Anti Cracking

8.Battery Save

9.Quick Teaming






15.Emergency Alarm


17.Noise Reduction (optional)

Technical Specification

    Frequency Range



    Channels     250*2
    Channel Spacing     Wide:25kHz   Narrow:12.5kHz 
    Operating Voltage     DC 7.4V
    Battery Type     Li-polymer
    Battery Capacity     2000mAh/3000mAh (optional)
    Output Current     450mA
    Charging Time     4-6 hours
    Battery Life@5/5/90


    Operating Temperature     -20℃+50℃
    Audio Power Output     ≤2W@16Ω
    Dimension     110.2(H)×56(W)×38.3(D)mm
    Weight     About 260g
    Carrier Output Power




    Carrier Frequency Tolerance     ≤±300Hz@200~500Hz
    Adjacent Channel Power



    FM Noise

    11K0F3E@Analog (FM)

    Audio Distortion     ≤5%
    Static Sensitivity     ≤ -124 dBm@12dB SINAD
    Co-Channel Inhibition     ≥-12dB
    Adjacent Channel Selectivity



    Inter-modulation Response Rejection     ≤ -55 dB
    Blocking     ≥84dB
    Receiver Spurious Emission




Two-way Radio Walkie Talkie Gift Box, 10 pcs / carton.  

*  1 x HYDX A910

*  1 x Antenna

*  1 x Battery

*  1 x Charger

*  1 x Belt Clip

*  1 x Hand Strap

*  1 x User Manual

*  1 x Adapter

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