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A man from Jilin China spends 200,000 yuan to collect 200 radios Mar 17, 2023

57-year-old Han Guixin from Jilin City has been collecting various radio stations since 1987, and has more than 200 radio stations so far. The smallest is the size of a palm, and the largest weighs more than 100 kilograms. Among them, the more precious Type 71 radio station is exactly the same as the props used by the actor Wang Cheng in the movie "Heroes".

According to Han Guixin, he has loved listening to the radio since he was a child. His father once bought him a radio, which he has kept for 51 years. These radio stations at home are the results of his 24 years of collection. In addition to radio stations, of course, there are also various handheld walkie-talkies, and POC radios that have become popular in recent years.

Among the more than 200 radio stations in Han Guixin's collection, the one he loves the most is a Type 71 military radio that has long been decommissioned. This station is also the dream of every HAM.

"In order to collect this radio station, I took great pains." Han Guixin said that the 71-type radio station was a short-wave radio station produced in China in the early 1950s, and it was also the first batch of radio stations independently produced by China.

"Through radio communication over the years, I have met nearly a thousand HAMs from South Korea, North Korea, Russia and other countries." According to Han Guixin, he is a member of the China Radio Sports Association and has a legal radio license himself.

Han Guixin said that when the time is right, he wants to gather radio enthusiasts from Jilin Province and even all over the country to hold a radio exhibition. He has already started to build a website related to radio stations, hoping that more people will participate.

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