Play Tips| this function can free your hands completely Mar 29, 2022
Due to the special needs of some users (e.g. engineering and maintenance staff), it is often not convenient to operate the PTT key on the intercom to make a call in daily work.

VOX is an abbreviation for Voice operated exchange, which can also be simply called "voice control". Directly translated into Chinese, it is a sound detection trigger, but some vendors have made it more commonly known as a hibernation trigger.

How does this function work?

VOX is the most effective: it frees up your hands completely!

When the VOX function is activated on the intercom, it is not necessary to press the PTT key, but can be activated directly by voice, which effectively frees up the user's hands and makes communication and conversation more convenient.

Most manufacturers have a VOX switch to enable and disable VOX depending on the surroundings, and to avoid unnecessary emissions, manufacturers use sensitivity to assist with voice activation. We can set the level of sensitivity so that only when the decibel level of the sound reaches this value, the intercom can be activated to transmit.

The circuit settings of the VOX also include a delay, which is to prevent the circuit from closing when the sound stops briefly. This ensures that some voice messages are missed during the call due to small intervals between our speech, pauses in sentences etc., which cause the circuit to shut down.

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